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What is

My goal is to help you catch highlights and keep track of this case.

I wanted a place to keep track of developments in the Georgia RICO indictment and trial, so here it is.

I’ve taken an interest in the case since I live in Fulton County, since 2014. Georgia has been an interesting place to be politically and culturally in that time to say the least.

A 16:9 banner professionally mixing elements of the american flag, sports, and diverse cultural settings and scenes in the style of a professional artistic photographer (Image: generated by Substack)

I also like playing around with generative AIs and LLMs. Most, if not all, writing will be my own (at least that is my intent). I’m usually prety brief anyway. Most, if not all, imagery will probably be generated with the help of any number of AIs.

With that, I welcome you to Georgia RICO and invite you to subscribe below.

Oh, here are links to the full indictment in PDF form:



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Georgia RICO
Georgia RICO